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About Me

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I'm a joyous, loving, thoughtful and creatively juicy human being, looking for like-minded folks to make fun and mayhem :)

I try to lead with my heart. Meanwhile, my brain is especially good at putting disparate elements together in new ways, seeing the big picture, strategizing, and getting people to take action. I love people, community, and am deeply curious about the Mystery that is this Life. 

I'd love to help you:

  • Develop your Whole-istic presence, and find more ease, freedom and joy through meditation, singing, movement.

  • Increase trust, communication, presentation skills, and social-emotional resilience for your team or staff.  

  • Educate and engage your learners with a custom, arts-integrated experience, and / or develop your team's capacity to deliver innovative programming.

What's my experience?

For me, the path begins with art. I did my first professional gig at 5 in Denver, went to Hollywood as a kid trying to make it in pilots, started NYU at 17, and have spent the past 20 years training, practicing and working as an interdisciplinary artist.


  • 17 years training my body under the mentorship of choreographer / filmmaker Tamar Rogoff.

  • 16 years creating innovative Jewish ritual theater and education under the mentorship of Amichai Lau-Lavie (Storahtelling, Lab/Shul).

  • 14 years intensive study and collaboration with Marisa Michelson, centering the Libero Canto approach to singing.

  • 11 years of regular meditation practice, including numerous silent retreats, two summers with the Art Monastery, and 200 hour mindfulness teacher training certification.

  • 8 years of therapy. Twice a week.

And then there’s the training you get from life.

17 years as a teaching artist in New York City schools and community centers, specializing in arts integration, “green” programming, early childhood, students with special needs, and mindfulness coaching for entire schools. 11 years forging my own path as The People's Own Organic Power (POOP) Project...including four critically acclaimed shows, three years recording SHHH: The Poopcast, one documentary, a book, countless community engagements around the world, and singing at the United Nations on World Toilet Day.

But enough about me. What can we do together?

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