Body Scripting.

Learning to be in conversation with your own embodied experience. Together, we practice listening to the body's wisdom, experientially understanding its possibilities and needs, and freely expressing ourselves through it.

WTF is Body Scripting?

"Body scripting" is a process developed over 30 years by choreographer and filmmaker Tamar Rogoff. Tamar has mentored me since 2004, and I still take classes with her regularly. Body Scripting classes can help you find greater ease and alignment, explore new movement options and expand dance vocabulary, feel more confidence and live in a more LOVED body!!


Any body can script! The process is quite simple.

  1. Designate a place in the body or in relationship to it. Choose the belly button. The space inside the right nostril. The body's natural rhythm of contraction and expansion. The possibilities are endless!

  2. Focus. Mindfully rest your attention on that place. 

  3. Investigate. Get curious! How does it feel? What happens if I move it this or way that? What's the relationship between that focus and other places one could choose? What do I want and what feels GOOD?!

Here's a simple script you can try right now:


"Place the attention on the back of your head. The back of the skull is like a catcher's mitt. You have a catcher's mitt holding the back of the head. Very softly, nuzzle the back of your head in to that catcher's mitt. Enjoy a full, long exhale. An in-breath. Another full exhale. Let the rest of the body shift and move if desired, and notice how tall and wide the back of your neck is. Let the eyes soften into the skull. Spend the rest of your life in complete tranquility."


We might start there, or a bajillion other places (like the hips! See video below :) And see you in class!

Mon and Thurs, 11am-12:30pm ET via Zoom

For all bodies and experience levels!

No two classes are ever the same, but they share a common quest to: 

  • Investigate the body through deep experiential inquiry

  • Realize a sense of natural alignment

  • Develop expanded movement vocabulary

  • Strengthen the mind/body connection 

  • Engage and strengthen mindful focus, imagination and curiosity

  • DANCE! Ample time to explore what excites YOU, engage your body as an expressive instrument,  bop, groove and move.

  • Class is suggested $15, no one turned away.